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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 22, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight on "world news," wild waters. california walloped by rain. homes no match for the fore reshouse floods. the storm is now heading east. . how the christmas season became the season of progress. critical medications, lifelines for chemopatients. dr. richard besser reports. and, christmas choir. the surprising song birds, their mission put a smile on your face as you face the stress of holiday travel. good evening. a year's worth of rain in one week. that's what parts of california are dealing with tonight, and after five separate storms, this is what san diego week. that's what parts of california are dealing with tonight, and after five separate storms, this is what san diego looks like. a watery, muddy mess. a hotel under water. qu qualcomm stadium looks more like a massive swimming pool. the worst of the storm hit today, a state o today, a state of emergency declared in six counties. so, we start in california tonight with david right in orter: goodh. u can vening, david. aw reporter: good evening, mud.e. you can see these work crews nnel, ng away the mud. they've been at it all day here. this area is a natural funnel, so, all the rain up in the hills just swept through downtown laguna beach today, turning laguna beach into a lagoon, and it's like that way all the way down the down the coast. in san diego, the flooding turned one coastal inn into an
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island, with water surrounding boats tides, lifeguards had to bring in boats to rescue stranded tranded guests. among them, trelida. >> you don't know what >> you don't know what to do in situation like that, so you just just cooperate with the fi firefighters. >> reporter: a local golf course became one giant water hazard. qual qualcomm stadium is now a shallow pool, literally the size of a football field. an nd in silverado canyon, people called out t called out to reporters for re in lag here in laguna beach, the wall f water four feet high poured through through downtown early this morning, bringing morning, bringing with it a tide l police urged local police urged residents to evacuate evacuate, but many elected to ay. >> >> probably three feet tall. it was wild. it was wild. >> reporter: a >> reporter: and shut down downtown all day long. as as residents and business owners dug themselves out. the heavy he heavy water is making coastal roads coastal roads tough to navigate. puddles
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uddles the size of lakes have forced many ro forced many roads to close. this driver stalled trying to make it through. he gathered up his belongings and trudged out on foot. planni planning any trip along the southern california southern california coast today demanding demanding patience and some creativity. creativity. >> right now, i've attached my y sickle to the back of my car in in north laguna, and i'm going to drive north. ped, i'm going to when i'm stopped, i'm going to ride my bike to my appointment. >> reporter: you saw >> reporter: you saw qualcomm stadium there. amazingly, the point set that bowl is due amel is due to be played tomorrow and the game is on. offi officials say they brought in he pumps, they are pumping the stadium ey say the field w and they say the field will be ready. >> david wright, thank you. that army of storms is marching east, so, many towns are in a state are in a state of shock tonight. s mike von fremd reports the worries about worries about mudslides are mounting. his morning,
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a >> reporter: early this morning, a mudslide slashed through highland, california, near the foothills of the san bernardino ountains. most of the residents' cars are now buried in mud. more more than 20 homes destroyed. it happened it happened in an instance. >> i got n >> i got nothing left. nothing. >> reporter: it appear no, >> reporter: it appear no, sir one was hurt. but tonight, many here do not know where they will be of sleeping. officials were most concerned lost la canada, a suburb of los angeles where police angeles where police tried to enforce a mandato enforce a mandatory evacuation. >> are you guys going to stay? a mudslide >> reporter: a mudslide going td much of this neighborhood last february. >> we're going to stay. >> reporter: but this time, most residents decided to stay put. >> this is the holidays and i really don't want to be dealing with this. canada is not >> reporter: authorities say la ppened is not out of the woods today california, emains. look what happened earlier today in dove canyon, california, which is now drenched and buried
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n mud. >> we performed 60 rescues and evacuated 30-plus homes. >> reporter: as the storm moves across the country, there's significant flooding in eastern nevada. nearby littlefield, arizona, the las vegas las vegas review journal captured this home collapsing. this week this week has seen record snow snowfall in central colorado, and in utah, there is now the threat of avalanches threat of avalanches. >> by early next week, you'll be seeing it on t seeing it on the east coast. it it will be wild. >> reporte >> reporter: and here in alifornia, the mountains are still still saturated and remain vulnerable. stormsble. and more pacific storms are threatening the west coast before new year's day. . orge? it was a b >> thank you, mike. it was a big day in washington. congress and the president heading on vacation after a surprisingly productive several weeks. president held a press before heading to hawaii to meet up with his family, the
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president held a press conference to take a victory lap, calling the lame duck session a season of progress that's confounded his critics. >> if there's any lessons to learn, it is that we are not doomed to endless grid lock. we've shown in the wake of the november elections that we have the capacity, not only to make progress, but to make progress together. >> two examples today. the start nuclear arms treaty are russia was ratified, and the energy wor energy workers at ground zero will be getting assistance they've been they've been waiting for. he here's jon karl. >> reporter: supporters called it a christmas miracle. >> this christmas will be the best christmas that i have ever ' time had >> reporter: it didn't happen until congress' time had almost workers who became a new fund now established for 9/11 rescue workers who became sick because of what they inhaled in the dames following the attack. he was concerned a for days, oklahoma's tom coburn shouldn't be a senat he was concerned about cost and ackwas vilified. >> he shouldn't be a senator and he shouldn't be a doctor if he's
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going to attack this bill. >> reporter: the way you've been hammered on this -- >> i'm used to being hammered. >> reporter: the heroes of 9/11. how could you stand in the way? >> i'm not standing against them at all. the realization that we h i'm standing for us as america, the realization that we have to do things efficient li. >> reporter: just hours ago, the bill appeared to be on the vernal of dying. co that's when we found harry reid coming out of coburn's office. do we have a deal on the 9/11 bill, mr. leader? >> i don't do deals. >> reporter: but the deal was truck. after the bill's c coburn dropped his objections mayr the bill's cost was reduced. the most the victory capped what may be the most productive lame duck cuts, theever. passing the extension of the bush tax cuts, the repeal of military's tonight ilitary's tonight ask, don't tell policy, a ell policy, a major overhow of how th he the government handles the food supply, food supply, and the start be sworn a new congress will be sworn in fter the holidays with republicans republicans controlling the
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hous house. ge george, the forecast ahead? . nflict and grid lock. the president >> the president had an emotional cere emotional ceremony at the white house this morning. he officially repealed don't ask, don't tell. jake tappe jake tapper was there. for a moment, the for a moment, the orator in chief was speechless. >> i >> i am -- i am -- i am just overwhelmed. >> reporter: as he signed the law that will end the policy that has led to the discharge of more than 13,000 gay and lesbian on that says >> we are not a nation that says don't ask, don don't ask, don't tell, we are a nati nation that says out of many, we are one. >> reporter: singled out for special recognition today -- >> >> marines like eric alva. >> r >> reporter: the first marine seriously wounded in iraq. agent alva told us his ordeal a year ago. up and actually seeing that m >> waking up and actually seeing that my leg was gone -- it
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w most felt like a nightmare. >> reporter: today, he insisted that the military is ready for the change. >> i have had so many calls from so even from current military service members right now both gay or straight. >> reporter: four years ago, we e midischarged gay sergeant bleu copas, one of the army's few arabic speakers. >> the work that my specific job does is one of the most important jobs of the military. >> reporter: today, copas told us he might re-enlist. >> just because i have been burnt by this policy doesn't mean that's been taken out of atriot.m. i am still a soldier at he r james amos patriot. i am still a soldier at heart. >> reporter: but what of those like marine commander james amos who said today's move could hurt unit cohesion. >> my recommendation is that we should not implement repeal at this time. >> reporter: amos told president obama yesterday that he will follow the order. and troops we spoke to today with the 101st airborne division in kandahar, afghanistan, suggested any impact would be are in le. >> combat proficiency matters a lot more than sexual preference.
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>> we are in the middle of war. the whole don't ask, don't tell policy is the least, the lowest priority in mind right now. >> reporter: in may, closeted gay gay and lesbian troops protested the policy ended today by posing in a series of portraits in shadow in a story by abc news' bob woodruff. today, two of them told us they're now ready to show their senior airman ste ensign grayson young and senior airman stephanie barnes. >> another sign of change. jake tapper, thank you. and, at the press conference, you followed one the president on this whole issue and the ggsue of gay marriage and it was a revealing moment, the president seemed to be struggling with this issue. reporter: that's right. i and that his position is evolving. to say that >> reporter: that's right. i asked him if it was consistent to say that gays and lesbians can kill and die for this country but cannot be married. the president said he still believes marriage is between a man and a woman, but he's reruggling with it who are in committed gay and lesbian relationships, and he said it's
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a conversation that the nation needs have. i asked a top aide what that niant, he referred to the change in public opinion on don't ask, on't tell, that also happening with same with same sex marriage. >> the president said, at this s int, his baseline position is civil civil unions. jake, thank you. onightthank you. we have an update tonight on iane sawyer's interview with director of nation director of national intelligence james clapper. 12 hours after >> >> london. how coming her any of the things they have seen i was i was a little surprised you director .irector. i didn't. >> i'm sorry. i didn't. >> > you referenced london, but you didn't talk
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day,sts. >> today, the white house conceded he was not up to speed. yesterday afternoon, this is something that he should have been briefed on. they have they have taken steps to correct that now and if that happens that now and if that happens again i'm sure that he's going cathoup to date. a catholic bishop is taking im at st. joseph's hospital in arizona, rizona, insisting it cannot call it all it catholic anymore, because nun.use of a nun. dan harris has t dan harris has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: doctors in phoenix say their patient likely would have died of heart failure, illing her unborn child, too, were it no were it not for the abortion. the decision was he decision was approved by sister margaret m sister margaret mcbride, a long-time long-time senior administrator at the hospital. at the hospital. when the local bishop, thomas olmstead, heard olmstead, heard about this, he excommunic excommunicated mcbride. on tuesday, bishop olmstead went
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a step further, stripping st. joe oe seven's of its affiliation with with the catholic church. >> instead of >> instead of treating the di disease, st. joseph's decided hat the healthy 11-week-old baby shoul baby should be directly killed. >> reporter: but t >> reporter: but the hospital sto said that is not true. >> our first priority is to save both .oth patients. if that f that is not possible, we always s always save the life we can ter: today, we heard from people in >> reporter: today, we heard from people in the anti-abortion community who applauded bishop courageous, >> that was a courageous, moral decision by the bishop. >> reporter: but we heard from critics of the bishop, including ome catholics, as well as a slew of lew of doctors who used words like like frustrating, troubling and itics say this ritics say this case examfully if is the f is the problem of hpts have rvligious affiliations. according to one survey, one-fifth of doctors who work at such institutions have had conflicts over conflicts over religious policy. r. debra stallberg conducted
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that that study. >> my concern is > my concern is that the catholic dir catholic directives can get in the way of doctors doing what they think is best for their pati r the hospital in >> reporter: as for the hospital in phoenix, mass will no longer be said here, but hospital officials insist nothing about this controversy will impact the quality of the care delivered. and stil ne behind t drugs. and how about some and how about some christmas carols carols for that pat-down? maki boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and "trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this?
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that' why ther's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard. get castrol gtx.ts hold your car back./ our health and medical editor dr. richard besser has uncovered new details about a serious problem in our health care system. an unprecedented shortage of drugs. and richard's found that those shortages may be compromising patient care. >> reporter: this year, a nationwide shortage of over 100 critical medications used for edge from anesthesia to asthma. >> this is the first time i've encountered shortages that may affect patient care. it's a huge problem. >> reporter: one drug affected -- doxorubicin. an essential chemotherapy drug. half a million doses were needed last year. it's the only drug that worked
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on mark mckey's tumor. >> the hospital actually called us on a sunday night and said well, don't come in. we might not have the drug. >> reporter: we heard from doctors across the country struggling with so much uncertainty. >> we need to be able to give patients at least a general idea how long a given drug is going to be in short supply. >> reporter: there are three companies that make doxorubicin. two slowed or stopped production this year. it is typical of drug shortages, when companies stop making a drug because of low profits or problems at the plant. pharmacy supplies run out. the fda is responsible for tracking drug shortages. we're not talking about ant antibiotic for an ear infection. these are real important drugs. >> that's right. >> reporter: what type of drugs are seeing in short supply. ? >> drugs that are needed for surgery. emergency medicine drugs -- >> reporter: drugs on the crash cart? >> yes. those shortages have resolved.
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>> reporter: but these are private companies, and the fda is only advise and look for other suppliers. when doctors need to substitute, other medicines may not be as effective. >> patients have been given substitute for a drug that's in short supply, but that the insurance will not cover the cost of that. >> reporter: mark mckie decided to take what the hospital could find. a partial dose. hoping that some chemo is better than none. >> it's really come as a shock. we just assumed if we pay our hospital bills, the medicine i need is going to be there. >> and dr. besser joins us now. so, what's being done about this? >> reporter: this is a setting where congress needs to take action. they need to require that manufacturers alert fda when they expect a shortage and they need to talk about incentives to keep the drugs flowing. >> is congress doing that? >> reporter: many are calling for them to look at that and people i've talked to say it is going to be looked at it. >> dr. besser, thank you. and still ahead, is your car safe? the surprising results of the
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two chicago firefighters were kill and 14 injured when the roof an wall of a vacant building collapsed on them as they fought the fire and searched for squatters who might have camped out in the building. this happened on the 100th anniversary of the historic union stockyards fire which killed 21 firefighters. and we have good news. a record 66 cars and trucks have earned the top safety rating in crash tests. that's more than 27 honors last year. hyundai and kia had nine top ranked vehicles. volkswagen and its audi division had nine on the list. more cars are achieving top grades before more safety equipment is standard. and sol folks in delaware have put up the mother of all christmas decorations. look at this. the family has covered just about every inch of their home with lights. nearly a million of them.
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remember all that anger over thanksgiving about full body scans and pat-downs at airports? well, for many passengers, the encounter with federal government screeners is a lot more pleasant now that christmas is coming. check out the tsa carollers at lax. ♪ frosty the snowman ♪ was a happy soul >> there's a lot of stress. so when our singers start singing, maybe you get a smile, maybe someone will just relieve a little bit of the stress. ♪ he was made of snow ♪ but the children the know ♪ how he came to life one day >> something that we do, i think, to show a different face for, you know, the tsa, more human side. ♪ rudolph the red nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ had a very shiny nose >> the tsa people who have been so bad mouthed, bring everybody together. ♪ then when foggy christmas eve ♪
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♪ santa came to say >> get us on our trip for christmas. >> american airlines flights leaving at 12:05 to miami, denver, chicago, san francisco -- ♪ here to stay ♪ is the new bird ♪ sings a love song ♪ as we go along ♪ walking in a winter wond wonderland ♪ >> go tsa, yeah! love it! >> we love it, too. what a great way to end the night. we hope you have a soundtrack like that if you're traveling. i'm george stephanopoulos. for diane sawyer and all of us at abc news, have a great night.
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